Old lyrics – The Lightbringer and the Rogue

Once upon a time, I was in a band called The Vengeful & Godless.  It’s not a time I like to revisit much, as there was a lot of pain in my life then, but I stumbled across these lyrics I wrote back then (2003? 2004?). While the poetry and the meter are a bit crude, there is a raw quality to the anger and indignation of them, and the theme still resonates with me. Because of that, I felt them worth sharing.

The Light Bringer and The Rogue:

The story says he wanted to keep us ignorant
Make us mentally frail and call it innocence
Knowledge was right there, but he’d threaten punishment
against anyone bold enough to reach for it
He would cast man out of paradise
Just as he had done with the angel of light
Our ignorance was key to his tyranny
But the serpent came to man and set us free

Knowledge and progress these were Lucifer’s gifts
To man kind, yet we call this angel villainous
What utterly backward morals have we
To worship a god who’d keep our minds empty
The constant and vigilant enemy
of knowledge, right and ascendancy
Yahew, Allah, god all-mighty,
still a mythical rogue from every angle I see
An Azagthoth, a blind idiot god
An allegorical phantom purveyor of fraud
The patron saint of stupidity
Whose malicious streak puts to shame Loki’s

He whom only thunder hath made greater
was only made great by the thunder of the church
and just as the mythical knowledge bringer suffered
Galileo and Bruno would suffer on earth

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