Those Who Go Forth Into The Empty Place of Gods

Those Who Go Forth Into The Empty Place of Gods

“A wildly ambitious, inventive, and action-packed tale, with a fun dose of dark humor. Highly recommended!” — Jeff Strand, author of SICK HOUSE

“Think David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks mixed with a handful of Clive Barker’s most fantastical novels and maybe you’ll begin to understand the vibe of this fast-paced, gross and engrossing, tour de force of the imagination.” — Jeffrey Thomas, author of PUNKTOWN

“Lawson and Rinaldi conjure a fast-paced blend of pulp action, imaginative mysticism, and generational conflict in this unpredictable tale of cosmic powers and extradimensional menace. Dive in and enjoy the wild ride!” — James Chambers, Bram Stoker Award winning author of ON THE NIGHT BORDER

“The latest by Lawson and Rinaldi knocks the teeth out of its Lovecraftian predecessors. Cosmic horror with a fast and furious kick. Highly recommended.” — Jason Parent, author of SEEING EVIL