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black pantheons final

“Curtis Lawson’s collection of stories in Black Pantheons are drenched in that horror-lover’s triumvirate of blood, sex, and magic. Fantasy-infused nightmares of cosmic creatures, black spells-gone-wrong and supernatural serial killers. This is hardcore occult horror infused with the arched brow of Rod Serling in their bloodstream.”
– Philip Fracassi , author of Behold the Void

“Present in this collection is a veritable feast for the discerning aficionado of dark fiction.” – The Haunted Reading Room.

“Curtis Lawson delivers a serious and not unpleasurable gut punch in these tales of cosmic horror with a difference.” – Douglas Draa, editor of Weirdbook

“The author is not afraid to tackle any topic with the veracity of a dogged journalist who isn’t concerned with spin.” Jason Parent, Author of Seeing Evil

“Black Pantheons: Collected Tales of Gnostic Dread shows an excellent spectrum of talent and vision…” -Aaron Besson- Author of HellRZA