Don’t Take My Word For It…

Quotes, Blurbs, and Ego Boosters

“I am in awe of author Curtis M. Lawson, who brings to the table a towering intellect…” -The Haunted Reading Room

“… his characters are beautiful, intense disasters.” -Horror Novel Reviews

“One of the best writers I have had the pleasure to work with.” –Nico Leon, artist for Spider-Man.

“Curtis is an amazing writer and has a command of this medium (comics) that many season pros don’t.” –Dan Forcey, Co-producer of Cowboys & Aliens.

“…chock-full of awesomeness.” –Pete Kahle, author of The Specimen.

“A twisting nightmare on par with anything Stephen King or Clive Barker could ever deliver.” – Paul Houston, artist of The Truman Virus

“A perfect blend of dark fantasy and visceral horror…”- James Chambers, Author of Three Chords of Chaos

“…the entertaining side of the ugly side of the human condition.”  Literary Litter

“Even as I was marveling at the increasing darkness of each new twist, I was struck by just how well the story was told.” – Beauty In Ruins

“Curtis Lawson’s It’s a Bad, Bad, World is a unique novel by a writer with a fresh, independent voice.” –Daniel Braum author of The Night Marchers and Other Strange Tales

“It’s been a while since I had this much fun reading something.” – Doug Rinaldi, author of A Different Kind of Slumber

“Curtis M. Lawson paints a script that is not only adrenaline filled, but poignant and gripping”- Lurid Lit

“Curtis M. Lawson is one of the rising authors in the genre of horror.” Kenneth W. Harmon Author of The Devil’s Lament

“The story was so damn good, and I can not get over how well it all played out.” – Decapitated Dan’s Dark Delights