Regarding mass violence and Black Heart Boys’ Choir

In the wake of the most recent shootings I briefly considered delaying the release of Black Heart Boy’s Choir. A few people actually reached out, saying I may want to think of doing so.
The book is about a school shooting, and I don’t want to romanticize such things or trigger anyone affected by such events.
One person who beta read the book even told me that it was too dangerous to publish, and that it might inspire unstable youth to commit violence.
I think that there is an important discussion to be had though that no one is talking about, and that is why these shootings happen. I don’t think they will ever stop or slow down until we really begin to understand and honestly cope with the psychological and cultural underpinnings responsible.
So that’s why I’m not delaying the book. I’m not saying that my insights are correct, or that I have any of the answers, but my hope is that maybe Boys’ Choir will spark a conversation among people that isn’t happening right now.
Sorry for the long rant. Please be good to each other.

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