Novels & Novellas

Those Who Go Forth into the Empty Place of Gods, Wyrd Horror 2020
Black Heart Boys’ Choir
, Wyrd Horror 2019
To Kill an Archangel: Bad World 2, Black Pyramid Books 2018
It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad Bad World, Black Pyramid Books 2016
The Devoured, Winlock Press 2015, Wyrd Horror 2017



Devil’s Night, Weird House Press 2020
Black Pantheons: Collected Tales of Gnostic Dread, Wyrd Horror 2017


More Lore from the Mythos Vol. 2, Fractured Mind 2020 (Black Eyes Beneath Gray Waves)
One of Us: A Tribue to Frank Michaels Errington, 
Bloodshot Books 2020 (The Happiest Place on Earth)
In Darkness Delight: Creatures of the Night, 
Corpus Press 2019 (The Green Man of Freetown)
Doorbells at Dusk, Corpus Press 2018 (The Rye-Mother)
Wicked Haunted, NEHW Press 2017 (Everything Smells Like Smoke Again)


HWA Poetry Showcase Volume VI, Horror Writers Association 2019 (White Night and Black Stars)
The Literary Hatchet  #24, 2019 (Roulette)
Spectral Realms #11 , Hippocampus Press 2019 (She Tasted of Gin and Death)
Spectral Realms #12 , Hippocampus Press 2020 (Singularity)

Comics & Graphic Novels

Octal #1, Neoflux  Productions 2016
Blackstone #1, QEW Publishing 2016
Mastema, Arcana Comics 2015
Tarnished, Broken Soul Press 2013
The Wrong House, Broken Soul Press 2011
Diabolicus, QEW Publishing 2011
Slambang, VOL. 3 #5, Fan-atic Press 2010
Severed Head Presents #0, Severed Head Comics 2010
The Insufferable Suffolk Gang #1/2, Broken Soul Press 2008
Mysterious Visions: After Hours #3, SPA Comics Group 2007
Kincaid #1-2, Broken Soul Press 2007

Curse of the Black Terror, Broken Soul Press 2011-2013
Curtis Lawson’s Grindhouse,
Broken Soul Press 2009-2010
Divis Morte,
Broken Soul Press 2009-2010