NYCC 2014

As many of you probably know, NYCC  just wrapped up this past Sunday. It’s one of the few pilgrimages which I make each year and always well worth the time, money, and travel. I network, attend panels, and buy stuff I can’t afford. My girlfriend accompanies me and mainly does her own thing, fangirling at TV and book panels, and at night we enjoy the peace of a hotel or wander around one of the greatest cities on earth.
I’m sure there are plenty of podcasts and news sites that will give you the rundown of all the big news, post all the best cosplay pics, and discuss the most important panels, but  I thought I would share my top show highlights nonetheless.

5) Eye candy.

assassin_blokAnd no, I don’t mean the scantily clad Harley Quinns and busty Jessica Rabbits (though that is all pretty nice as well). I mean the super nerdy shit. Lego sculptures, movie props, tricked out cars, Bat suits- that is the kind of eye candy I’m talking about. It’s not too often that you get to nerd out over an Assassins Creed Mega Bloks sculpture, or see a dragon head blinking at you.













4)Not standing in this line.

nycc_lineI may not make the majority of my income from writing comics, but I do get paid. That makes me a pro and entitles me to a fancy pants professional badge. One of the great perks of that, aside from editors being a bit less likely to blow you off, is avoiding the ocean of people clamoring to get in.





3)New comics!

souther_dog especially cons of this magnitude, are a treasure trove of comics you’ve never heard of just waiting to be discovered. There are indie books which you’ll never see in previews, small press titles which have gone unnoticed, and future block busters which have yet to find a publisher. Ryan Browne was selling God Hates Astronauts at cons for years before he kickstarted it or Image ever picked it up. How cool would it be to have found it first?




2) The Tick Tock Diner

My girlfriend and I stayed at the New Yorker for three nights. Two of those nights we ate at the Tick Tock Diner, a great restaurant connected to the hotel. My favorite meal is chicken parmesan, and the Tick Tock’s chicken parm is amongst the best I’ve ever tasted. The chicken was of high quality with a breading that was tasty and not overly crisp. The sauce had a slightly buttery taste which deliciously complimented the marinara. In addition, the penne was cooked to perfection and held a slightly cheesy flavor. If this wasn’t enough, the portions were enormous. I was able to make two meals of this entree. The best part? Dinner for two at the Tick Tock diner only cost us about ten dollars more (including tip) than our meal at Five Guys!




1) Friends and colleagues.

img_0083Between writing, pre-press, being a dad, and working fifty plus hours a week at my day job, I don’t find much opportunity to socialize with like minded folk. Getting some face time with collaborators, contemporaries, editors, and other nerds who live all across the country, and even the world, is extremely beneficial to my mental well being. Of course, there is a business element to it. We all want to drum up work and make connections. The fun you have though, the friendships you make, and the shared human experience are invaluable. Plus, who is more likely to get a gig from an editor, the dude he was talking philosophy and micro-brews with at NYCC or the nameless guy from the internet who sends him samples once a year? This year I had the opportunity to thank Buddy Sclarera for his Creator Connect panels where I met Mastema colorist, Angel Aviles. I also got to meet a former co-writer from the UK in person, share a long train ride with Lego artist, Jason May, shake hands with horror comic rock star, Dirk Manning, and discuss the history of Salem and the Boston Harbor islands with Andy Schmidt. A pretty excellent time all around.

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