Druids Of Winter Hill

Here’s a sneak peak of my new project, Druids of Winter Hill. On the left you can see the work of Current artist, Matt Lao. Matt tackles everything but the lettering on this. On the right you can see an earlier version of the same page with line art by Kundo Krunch and colors by Jim Vargas. The older version is from roughly four years ago. Since then the script has been completely re-written, save for this first scene. During a Comics Experience mentorship program I went through, Mike Siglain helped me edit out a lot of the character and story issues and come up with a much better script.
I thought it might be cool to show the comparison of the two pages. Matt did not see any of Kundo’s work ahead of time, as I didn’t want it to color his own vision of things.
Hopefully the next couple of months will bring about more news concerning this project.



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