Steampunk Originals Volume 5

Last week I received word that a short comic I did with Rick Marcks (line art & letters) and GIO (colors) will be appearing in Steampunk Originals Volume 5. Our piece is an eight page story called The Auction featuring a group of Victorian psychic soldiers called the B.R.A.S.S. Lions.
The B.R.A.S.S. Lions have been running around my mind for a few years now, so when the opportunity arose to bring this crew to life on paper I was extremely excited. The project worked out so well that Rick and I will be doing some more B.R.A.S.S. Lions stories down the road and may be submitting one to Steampunk Originals Volume 6, depending on Rick’s schedule.
Here’s a sample of the comic!
Below are a few character sketches that I had commissioned Tim Tyler to do a while back. You’ll see when the comic comes out that the characters evolved a bit from these early images to what Rick would finalize.

"Pendragon" concept art by Tim Tyler

“Pendragon” concept art by Tim Tyler

"Icarus" concept art by Tim Tyler.

“Icarus” concept art by Tim Tyler.










Look for Steampunk Originals Volume 5 in the November, 2014 edition of Previews!

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