Flash Fiction Friday!

I’m trying a new thing here. It’s called Flash Fiction Fridays. Each week I’ll be posting a piece of short fiction for your reading pleasure. If you are a creative type feel free to leave your own flash fiction in the comments and link to your sites!

The Vampire Murders
by Curtis M. Lawson

Issac watched the beast through his sights. Its eyes were black holes, their gravity pulling the light and life from anything they gazed upon. Its fangs poked out from ebony lips in a mockery of a human smile. Razor blade nails jutted from each extended digit.

The vampire stood outside of the club, surrounded by posers and sinners. It pretended to smoke, letting the white ghosts of scorched tobacco drift from its mouth, but Issac knew it did not breathe.

From the fire escape he took his shot, catching the creature in the face. The projectile exploded on impact, releasing a cloud of garlic. The vampire fell back, hissing and screaming.

The monster’s human consorts scattered like so many roaches. Knowing the window was short, Issac ditched his gun and jumped down from his steel perch. The hunter landed on the monster and the two tumbled onto the filthy cobblestone.

Issac released a thin cable from his belt and wrapped it around his enemy’s throat. With swift, powerful motions he sawed at the beast’s neck until its head was no longer attached. Holding the severed head aloft, he waited for the monster to crumble to ash.

But it didn’t.

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