Black Pyramid Books or My return to self-publishing


black-pyramidIt’s an exciting time for me. After parting ways with Winlock Press, I have decided to get back to my roots and return to self-publishing. I spent a long time contemplating this change, and I honestly can’t see any reason not to be the captain of my own ship again.

I have always had a DIY attitude toward life. I went to a trade school and I repair my own home. As a musician I always recorded my own songs, booked my own shows, made my own flyers, and pressed my own CDs. Even in my early days as a comic writer all my work was self-published through Broken Soul Press.

While I never got rich of playing heavy metal or publishing horror comics, I did have much greater success than anytime I joined someone else’s team. My most profitable work to date is a one shot horror comic called The Wrong House, which I wrote, published, and optioned for film all by myself.

Meanwhile I’m still waiting for three indie comic companies to publish books I wrote for them going back as far as five years ago. Another two companies I’ve done comics for (not naming names) have never paid me, and have broken numerous contractual obligations.

But this is how I learn.

I know there is still some stigma about self-publishing. Well don’t expect some shabby, typo-ridden garbage with a dime store cover. I respect you folks and myself too much for that. I plan on only releasing truly exceptional dark fiction. Working under my own imprint I am able to have complete control of my work again.  I’m confident that this change will allow me to guarantee my readers the best possible experience, from story-telling, to formatting, to artwork.

Look out for It’s A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World,  the first release under the Black Pyramid Books umbrella early this summer. With cover art by James Biggie (G.I. Joe, Transformers) and interior illustrations by Robb Kavjian of Monastery and 1476.








“When the Vatican’s top assassin, a Rhodesian merc, a pair of serial killer lovers, a dirty cop, and a professional sadist compete in a mad race for a pair of priceless magical artifacts, betrayal, theft, and murder are just the opening moves in a game of death.”

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2 Responses to Black Pyramid Books or My return to self-publishing

  1. Tristan Vick says:

    I love the name of the imprint. But I find the “Black Pyramid ” font is too messy and jittery for my tastes. I’d personally keep it clean and simple.

  2. curtismlawson says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Tristan. You make an excellent point!

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