Script Samples

The Wrong House
I have a natural tendency to steer toward non-linear story telling.  The Wrong House, because of its structure, has been particularly well-received. Hopefully the script will give insight to others about how to construct a non-linear narrative through a visual medium.
If you are familiar with the comic, you may note some dialogue changes between the script and the finished product. This is partly due to the fact that I lettered the book myself and came across challenges making everything fit. That in and of itself was a learning experience. I also changed some of the lyrics I used at scenes, as to avoid legal issues.

King & Cub
I chose to put up this script for two reasons. First it is short, and anyone writing comics needs to become intimately familiar with brevity. The second reason is because King & Cub is a “silent” comic. This is something done very rarely in comics, so I thought it might be interesting to let others explore a script for something different like that. There was an issue of G.I. Joe ARAH from my childhood with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow that completely lacked dialogue and it always kind of stuck with me.  King & Cub draws equally from that issue of G.I. Joe as it does from short animation featurettes without dialogue. You can compare the script to the actual comic, located in the Free Stuff section.

Top Cow 2012 (Chaos Theory)
This was my submission for the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt. I chose to focus on the Characters Ji Xi ( bearer of the 13th artifact) and Ian Nottingham (bearer of the Blood Sword). It was a lot of fun to write this one, and the research opened up a whole comic universe that I hadn’t given any real thought too previously. I made some bold changes with the character of Ji Xi and turned this into a paranormal spy story. Although I didn’t get picked for the Talent Hunt, it was still a great experience writing this.

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