Mastema is complete!


It is with great excitement and deep relief that I announce that my dark fantasy OGN, Mastema, is finally finished and has been sent over to Arcana Studios! This project fought tooth and nail against coming in to being- casting aside artists, funneling money into the abyss, and giving its creators a general “fuck off” attitude the entire time it was dragged out from the creative womb. But now it is done and it is beautiful!
I can not thank my collaborators enough. Alex Chong helped me first breath our demon-blooded anti-hero to life. Nico Leon fleshed out the world in which he lived, and brought a sense of terrible beauty into the character of Luedke. Finally, Angel Aviles took a stark black and white world and somehow transformed it into something all the more nightmarish through his brilliant use of color.
Lastly, a big thanks to the patient and understanding folks at Arcana Studios. I hope the book is worth the  wait!
As I have more information about the release dates of print and digital I will post them here.

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